Style #  4024



Birthday April 19, 1994 

​Retirement Date:

May 1, 1998

Pellets P.V.C

​There is a duck by the name of Quackers
Every night he eats animal crackers
He swims in a lake that's clear and blue
But he'll come to the shore to be with you!

Price:  $20.00

Extremely Rare  - MWMT
*Extremely rare birthdate should be written out not numerical
*Rare hang tag says 1994 tush tag says 1993
*Rare no stamp on inside of tush tag (means it was not mass produced)
*Extremely rare style number next to name
*Rare no comma between Oakbrook and IL on both tags
*1965 (KR) on bottom of tush tag (means it was part of a Korean market)


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