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Ty 2K 

Ty 2k Beanie Baby 1999 RETIRED Tag Errors Perfect Condition


Style # 4262

1999 Signature Bear 

​​Birthday None 

Introduced January 1, 1999

​Retirement Date:

December 23, 1999

Pellets P.E.


Red, yellow, green and blue
Let's have some fun me and you
So join the party, and let's all say
"Happy New Millennium," from Ty 2K !

Price:  50.00

*  Special Notes

RARE 'Ty 2K' Bear Beanie Baby w/ Flat Flush tag & Errors
Bear includes the following error and Specialities:
Birthday is 2000 but Tush tag indicates 1999
Error in the last line in the poem extra space before the"!"
Missing punctuation until the last line of the poem in Swing Tag
Flat Tush Tag with Hologram
Tush tag on the bottom line has 1965(KR) for Korean Market
TY INC in all caps on Tush tag is a rare edition
No Number or Stamp on tush tag
Extra Space between 2K and ! on hang tag
Extra Space between TY and INC on Tush Tag